Good deeds


Treat this as a game and get into action!

In this section we write actions of contribution, kindness and love that we encourage you to do in order to create a smile to other people or to yourself. The list will be updated monthly with actions you share with us on facebook or via email. Play the game with the cards and share with us how you felt doing the action, what was the reaction of the people receiving your positive energy or whatever nice experience you had!


• Give a flower to someone you don’t know along with a big smile.

• Help an older person or a person with special abilities to cross the street.

• Say a true thank you accompanied by a smile to the person who cleans the street or your office.

• Encourage someone to follow his dreams no matter how great or small they are.

• Take the time to teach someone a skill/ability that you own.

• Give a coffee or a pastry to someone who is really busy/stressed at work.

• When you go to buy some bread, buy something for a homeless man as well.

• Send an e card or say a sweet hello to someone who is really stressed/sad.

• Say a true thank you to the bus driver.

• Say to a couple that you meet how good they look with each other.

• Give a chocolate or pop corn to someone in the cinemas.

• Smile and give your bus/train seat to someone in need.

• Give a toy to a homeless child.

• Offer your companionship to a friend that really needs you.

• Offer priority, while driving, to someone else and smile to the other driver.

• Say thank you to the driver that offered priority to you.

• Smile and offer your spot in the queue to someone older.

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