What we do

Actions that generate real smiles on other’s faces! The task can be very simple performed from any single person, or a bit more "special" that require team work. Through these actions our volunteers interact in a positive way, feel and convey joy, and express goodness. Through our actions, we also want to contribute to the development of people of all ages and backgrounds in order to develop them into people who have a positive attitude, communicate with kindness creating the smile of others, channeling creative energy so that they finally can be characterized as “contribution to the society and the environment”.

The power of
a smile

A smile may apprear on a face because of many different reasons. Usually, because of a positive thought or a positive word or maybe when witnessing a beautiful action. Whatever the reason is, a smile creates in us a generosity of soul and motivates us to share this beautiful feeling and transform it into a positive experience not only for ourselves but also for those who surround us. In this way a “creative cycle” begins, a chain in which one is linked to the other transmitting joy and smile. The impact can be unique and wonderful!

Contribution through creative game

In the events of “Xeilia Xamogela” team we aim to create an atmosphere of positive energy and warm feelings trying to generate a chain of smiles. Everyone is encouraged to share and act as an ambassador of positive energy simply by undertaking actions of good will, actions that will contribute in making others –even strangers- smile. Take part in the “Good Deeds game” and set your weekly “secret mission” by choosing one of the special cards.

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